Hello World! I'm Shalom, a seasoned Software Engineer with a rich background in Full Stack Development, Javascript/Typescript, and Code Architecture. With over 10 years of experience in software development, I've designed and maintained the development life cycle of large apps, created full stack web applications and websites from scratch, and have a keen eye for design.

Journey of a Code Artisan

Diving deep into the code, I bring ideas to life. My journey began over a decade ago, mastering the art of FullStack development and evolving into a Code Architect. I've orchestrated symphonies of code, creating full stack web applications from the ground up. The thrill of translating concepts into elegant, functional code is what keeps me going.

The DevOps Detour

A detour led me to the world of DevOps, where I orchestrated a seamless symphony of processes, driving efficiency and automation. As a DevOps Manager, I transformed teams, enabling them to meet heightened demand while optimizing costs. This experience enriched my perspective and gave me invaluable insights into creating robust, scalable applications.

Back to the Code Forge

The siren call of code beckoned me back to the trenches. Now, armed with a wealth of DevOps wisdom, I'm crafting backend solutions that are not just functional, but elegant and efficient. Java Spring Boot is my canvas, SQL Databases my palette, and messaging systems my brush. Together, they weave intricate systems that stand the test of time.

Previous Works of Art

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Have an idea or a project in mind? Drop me a line at [email protected] and let's turn it into a masterpiece.