Hello, I am Shalom, currently working as a Technology Manager (DevOps). In my present role I am helping teams streamline process so that it can grow at the rate needed to sustain the companies increased demand on Engineering resources while reducing cost, Inspiring Ops Engineers to transition to DevOps & follow DevOps best practices, and Helping teams think and practice automation.

Was formerly a FullStack developer, Javascript specialist and Code Architect with 10 years of software development experience. I have created full stack web application and websites from scratch and design & maintain the development life cycle of large apps. I am a passionate Web Developer with a good eye for design (Yes I continue to be & always learning 😁). I occationally also write an article or two on TechUnderTheSun as and when time permits.

If interested here are the older versions of what was once my portfolio websites (forgive me for any broken links within them).